I Got Good At Feeling Bad // “The Competition”

I’ll explain this picture below. My article in Time magazine, circa 2006.

About nine years ago, I started vlogging on YouTube.  It was a new concept back then, people making videos about their lives, and back then, there was a sense of community.  I had a small following to start, and it increased as I posted more and more content.  Some of my content included silly little movies that I cobbled together from various clips.  Some were montages of events, like a vacation, or a hayride at the pumpkin patch.  But most were just talking, unloading my wealth of young adult emotions, my novice concepts of the world, and ultimately my frustration with myself and those things around me.

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Top 5: Songs for a Rainy Afternoon


According to the most recent forecast, it’s going to be a rainy week for us Marylanders.  I’ve made myself a cup of tea and I’m dogsitting my boyfriend’s brothers dogs for the next three days.  We’re hanging out in the living room and watching the rain pitter-pattering outside.  This moment calls for some chill tunes to enjoy the rain to.  I present you with today’s top 5: the rainy afternoon mix.

1. “Ends of the Earth” by Lord Huron, from their album Lonesome Dreams. The album itself has a lot of depth to it.  My aim for this playlist was to create a mellow, low-key vibe without sounding too “down.”  This song achieves just that.

2. “One of These Things First” by Nick Drake, from his album Bryter Layter. I love the piano in this song: it’s not formulaic, but meandering (for lack of a better word).

3. “Elephant Gun” by Beirut, from their album Lon Gisland EP. This song skirts the line between mellow and melancholy.  I’ve always been enamored with Zac Condon’s vocals and Beirut’s sound in general.  Also, trumpets do it for me.  This song almost makes me want to stomp puddles and dance in the rain.

4. “Shangri-La” by M. Ward, from his album Hold Time. Again, another puddler-jumper.  M. Ward makes great folky tunes that can be subtly uplifting.  This is one of them.

5. “Never Look Back” by Slow Club, from their album Paradise. Different from the tracks preceding it, “Never Look Back” is a sweet makeout jam.  It’s pretty much perfect for some rainy day canoodling on the couch.  The boyfriend is due back soon; I think canoodling is on the agenda.

Complete playlist via YouTube below!

Today’s Top 5 – The Unemployment Playlist



I’m trying something here, so bear with me. This is a nod to one of my favorite books of all time: “High Fidelity.” I present you with today’s top 5 songs describing how I’m feeling about unemployment.

For you Google Play Music users out there: Today’s Top 5 – The Unemployment Playlist

For everyone else, here’s the playlist on YouTube:

Sit back and enjoy, y’all.

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