Election Stress!


So, today is Election Day in the US and we are just hours away from the first polls closing on the east coast.

I decided to wear my Bernie Sanders shirt to vote to pay silent homage to the Bern.

Recent media coverage is similar to that of a sporting event; CNN has been promoting their election day programming like one would a boxing match.  The media’s sensationalizing of this election in particular has been a shit show.  I know I speak for many when I say that I just want the shit to end.  I want to wake up tomorrow with the best candidate for the job declared the winner.

Times like these are anxiety provoking.  I for one have been having stress/anxiety dreams for the better part of a month leading up to this day.  But the end is in sight y’all.  We’ll get through this.  Hopefully in once piece.

With that in mind, I give you a song that gets me pumped, especially when I’m feeling down.  It’s “Ain’t No Man” by The Avett Brothers.  Be well, everyone.


Aaaand, we’re back.

A lot has happened since I updated last.  My doctor thought I had cancer.  I don’t have cancer.  I got a job the same day my doctor told me I needed to remove my ovary.  The mass in my ovary grew.  On operation day, there was no mass to be found, indicating that the mass burst between my last MRI and the date of surgery.  I was opened up for nothing, but my reproductive organs are in tact.  Recovery was difficult because I had to rely on others to do things.  My friends reminded me why they’re my friends.  My grandfather passed away a week after my surgery.  I managed to squeak out A’s in two classes.  I received an incomplete in my manual drafting class, and I have 3 months to complete the assignments.  It’s Friday and I’m on the clock until 4 PM.

I’ve been tired. I’ve been incredibly sad. I’ve been uncomfortable. I’ve been happy. I’ve been thankful. I’ve been angry. I feel a lot of things at once.

I’d like to get back into maintaining my blog.  I’d like to partake in June’s NaBloPoMo, but I don’t think I can commit to writing every day with all that is going on.  I need to draw.  I need to work.  I need to find time to do restorative things for myself.  My body and mind need restoration desperately.

This man came into the shop to try on glasses just now.  He flirted with me, which was interesting.  I flirted back in an attempt to make a sale.  He said I have a pretty name.

That made the day a touch easier to get through.  I blushed a little.

And that’s me in a nutshell.  How are y’all doing?


I miss you, old man.