NaBloPoMo – A Late Start

Hello, November!

Once again, I’ve made the impulsive decision to participate in NaBloPoMo and write every day.  It’s an ambitious goal, but I think it’s one that I can accomplish.  Unfortunately, I’m getting off to a late start.  Time to play a little bit of catch up.

I’ve been feeling very naked on this blog as of late, and there is reason for that.  I’ve been baring my soul recently, digging deep and talking about a lot of stuff that really hurts.  I’m dredging up a lot of painful, embarrassing, and sad moments, and writing about them on this blog for the ultimate purpose of healing myself (For those of you curious, you can check out the ongoing emotional purge series conveniently linked here: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, and part 6).

So it’s been an exercise in self-flagellation thus far.  I feel like I’m resolving a lot of things from my past that have been plaguing me for years.  But there’s more work to be done.  So, dammit, I’m going to do it.

In other news, life is going well enough.  I focus on work, I come home, and I either draw or write before bed.  It’s simple, and to be completely honest, I’m enjoying how uncomplicated life is right now.  I’m not actively dating, nor am I hooking up.  I’m just living, trying new things and seeking out meaningful experiences.  I’ve been going to paint nites with my best friend recently.  I honestly didn’t think I’d get much out of them, but they’ve been fun.  Here’s my most recent creation!


It’s about 1 AM and I’m going to retire for the evening.  Luckily I have tomorrow off and I can sleep in.  Goodnight, folks.  Sweet dreams.


The Weekend Was Far Too Busy.

Cleaning.  Organizing.  Cooking.

This is feeling all too adult for me.

I’m going to eat the fruit salad I made and go to sleep.

Another NaBloPoMo cop-out.

Sorry guys.

NaBloPoMo Update: Halfway There.

I haven’t been enthusiastic about my NaBloPoMo posts recently.  I haven’t approached them with the same gusto that I did my first several posts on the blog.  I’m going to change that right now.

The theme for December is “Joy,” and I know that those who have shaped my life bring me an immense amount of joy.  Therefore, for the rest of the week, I’ll be highlighting individuals who made a lasting impression on me.  I’m actually looking forward to this.  Let’s hope I can get back into the groove again.

NaBloPoMo December. Let’s Do This.

Hey, y’all.  Happy December 1st.  There is an entire month of merriment waiting for us!

The theme of December’s NaBloPoMo is JOY, and it couldn’t be more appropriate.  Sometimes, however, joy is hard to realize.  There is a lot of negative nonsense all around us, every minute of every day, and trying to find joy might be a more difficult task than usual.  I mean, it’s a fact of life: with the good, comes the bad.  What makes the difference is what you choose to focus on and devote energy to.

Admittedly, I’m one who can get easily caught up in negativity.  It sucks me in; I fixate on it, dissect it, try to make sense of it knowing full well that I can’t, and then when I realize I can’t make sense of it, I go into some kind of rage spiral.

BUT, maybe NaBloPoMo will be a good thing for me this month.  This month’s writing prompts focus on, well, JOY!  I think taking a few moments out of my day to write something positive will do me (and everyone else for that matter) a world of good.  This month’s collection of posts will be a mixture of prompts and a number of personal updates.  And in true Leila’s Mixtape form, most posts will include a track or two for your listening pleasure.

Let the blogging begin!