My Own Terms // “My Rollercoaster”


Last night, while creating a LinkedIn profile, I decided to act on an idea I’ve had for awhile: I listed myself as a self-employed freelance interior design consultant.

Prior to the end of the semester, one of my professors made an offhand comment about my designs (bathrooms in particular), saying that he’d like to get me input on one of his projects.  Of course, lacking confidence, I interpreted his comment as a joke.  However, he insisted.  As an architect without a designer, he can conceptualize a space but he lacks the artistic touch.  I showed him my portfolio from one of my other classes so he could understand my design aesthetic.  Immediately, he said “I’ll call you after finals.  I’d like to bring you on my team.”

Two weeks passed without a word and I became nervous.  Admittedly, I felt foolish for thinking that his offer was a serious one.

But then he called.


We have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow and a site visit scheduled for early next week.  Once we picked a date, I began fiddling around with logos, letterheads, invoice slips, my own hourly rate.  Yes, there’s some self-doubt.  But the ability to do what I want to do on my own terms and make a living on my ideas and creations is entralling.

“My Rollercoaster” describes my current state perfectly.  I’m enamored with life (75% of the time, anyway).  Consider my blessings counted.  I have amazing friends who “get me.”  I have a partner who loves the fuck out of me.  I have ambition.  I have drive.  I have know-how.  And goddamit, I’m going to do it if it kills me.

“My rollercoaster’s got the biggest ups and downs.  As long as it keeps going ’round it’s unbelievable.


Author: Leila

Just another case of arrested development.

3 thoughts on “My Own Terms // “My Rollercoaster””

  1. I hope your meeting went well. You have to set your sights and act on it. Trust yourself and what others see in you then let yourself hear that opportunity knocking and answer it!

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