I had a weird phone call this afternoon.  It was unexpected.  I didn’t recognize the number calling me initially.  It looked familiar, but I couldn’t place it.  I have been applying to a lot of jobs in Virginia, and I worried that it could be a potential employer.  So I answered.

And it wasn’t.

What followed was an incredibly uncomfortable five minute conversation with someone I cut out of my life many months ago.  He said he didn’t expect me to answer.  He said he missed the friendship.  I couldn’t respond to that.  How do you tell someone that you haven’t missed them at all?

He let me know where he was living and who he was dating.  I have no ill feelings towards him.  I want him to be happy.  I was genuinely happy for him when I replied.  He asked if I was still with my boyfriend and I said I was and that it was going very well.

“Good,” he replied, “Somebody’s gotta put up with ya.”

And then I remembered why I had no qualms about abandoning the friendship.  I remembered feeling like shit when the taunting became too much.  I remembered dreading the nights he would talk to me, sloppy drunk and not giving a fuck about my feelings.

So, there’s that.  I have to babysit my boyfriend’s nephew now.  It’s going to be a (hopefully) relaxed night.


Author: Leila

Just another case of arrested development.

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