Surprise // “St. Judy’s Comet”

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Today’s NaBloPoMo Prompt: Talk about a surprise that made you happy.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I love long car rides with my boyfriend.  We get to talk, sing loudly, goof off, and just enjoy the time alone with each other.  I don’t know what it is about our weeks, but I think most of our quality time comes from car rides; being together on the road helps weed out environmental distractions, like the computer, or the phone, or the nonsense that gets sent our way by people close by.

We were heading back home from West Virginia last weekend, rolling along the highway, singing along to “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.  At one point, it occurred to me that I may have made tentative plans with one of my best good friends.  Panicked due to a schedule conflict on my part, I sent a text message.  I typically text friends to test the waters before calling; I often fear being intrusive.

Moments later, I received a text absolving me of any guilt I was feeling about canceling plans.  My best good friend and I exchanged texts for a bit.  She was on her way back to Maryland with her husband and kids; they had an early Thanksgiving in Ohio with her husband’s family.  It was good chatting, even in text form.  We get to spend less and less time together, and it’s incredibly frustrating.

And then she said, “Wanna know a secret?”

Hell yes I want to know a secret.

And then she told me she was pregnant again.

excited lucille bluth

All of a sudden, I was overcome with so many emotions.  I began crying without any explanation to provide my boyfriend with.  I was filled with so much joy, and it was difficult to express.  My best good friend lost a pregnancy over the summer, and I know how traumatic it was for her.  She underestimated her fertility afterwards, she said, and found out she was six weeks pregnant mid-November.

There was a brief pang of jealousy on my part.  I didn’t discuss this with my boyfriend because I didn’t want to imply that I have an a cute case of baby fever, but a lot of my friends are pregnant.  When I say a lot, I’d say it’s like 20% of my social circle.

She and I spent time together Saturday night, and it was wonderful.  She’s radiating with pregnancy glow, and you can tell there are equal parts excitement and anxiety brewing.  Baby number 3.  I’m ready for him/her.  Auntie Leila will be there with some onesies, diapers, and blankies.


Today’s song is “St. Judy’s Comet” by Paul Simon.  It’s a beautiful song about parenthood.  Yes, it’s written from the father/son perspective, but remove gender and the message is universal.  It makes me feel the pressing need to show my future child all the wonders of the world.

“Won’t you run come see St. Judy’s Comet
Roll across the skies
And leave a spray of diamonds in its wake
I long to see St. Judy’s Comet
Sparkle in your eyes when you awake
Oh, when you wake, wake”


Author: Leila

Just another case of arrested development.

2 thoughts on “Surprise // “St. Judy’s Comet””

  1. I love long road trips, too. You gave me the idea to write about them. Thanks! I’ll have to work on it for a future post or actually, more like a series of posts. I’ve had lots of road trips!

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