“The Hangry Games” – Our Thanksgiving Day Nerf War


My brother and I decided that this Thanksgiving would be like no other.

We decided that we would have a Nerf war.

Last Thanksgiving was special. Not special as in “unique,” but special as in “indescribable.”  After binging on “How I Met Your Mother” Thanksgiving specials (better known as “Slapsgiving” and “Slapsgiving II: Revenge of the Slap”) in the days leading up to the yearly family feast, it was clear that we needed to embark upon a “Slapsgiving” of our own.  But, being of the same bloodline, we had to take Slapsgiving to the next level.  As a result, we spent the entirety of the day engaged in endless melee, open hand slapping each other when the other least expected it.

Instead of continuously assaulting each other this year, we agreed to change our method of inflicting to be more inclusive: We decided that we would equip ourselves with Nerf guns and make that next level shit we had talked about into a reality

My little sister and I gearing up for the day’s festivities

Forced to cook instead of running around the house spraying Nerf darts on my brother with my automatic, battery-powered Nerf rifle, I watched the fun go on from afar, only taking breaks from cooking to grab my gun, corner my brother, and open fire.

Battle aside, Thanksgiving was beautiful.  It was wonderful to have so many loved ones (new and old) in the house, sharing the awesomeness of each others’ company.  Thanksgiving served it’s purpose today; the day’s events reminded me of what I’m continuously thankful for.  I’m thankful to have a boyfriend who encourages my madness, thankful to have parents who (instead of scold me) let me be as crazy and outlandish as I can be, and siblings who share the same level of weirdness as me.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.


Author: Leila

Just another case of arrested development.

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