Turn that frown upside down.


It’s Thursday.  Let’s change the tone of the week around.

I’ve been with my boyfriend since April, I think.  I say “I think” because there was no discussion or ceremony around us becoming a couple.  It just kind of happened, I guess.  Our first date was mid-to-late April.  Within a week, we were seeing each other at least once a week, increasing in frequency every week or so.  By late May or early June, everyone assumed we were in a relationship based on how much time we were spending with each other.  We didn’t bother correcting them.  It was a natural progression of things.  By the first week of July we were living together.

Our living conditions were quite comical in the beginning.  We went from an air mattress to a mattress and box spring on the floor, to a mattress in a small child’s bedroom (as a result of “The Great Bathroom Flood of 2014”), to a queen-sized bed.  An actual bed WITH a frame, courtesy of his mother.  I guess it was the first time in our lives we had actual bedroom furniture.  It was pretty neat.  I made the bed every day and took pride in it.

After moving things around and hanging paintings and color-coordinating things and buying area rugs and throw pillows and all that nonsense, our place is finally something we can call a home.  I do the cooking 95% of the time, he does the dishes 95% of the time, we take turns tackling messes, and we take turns buying groceries.  We have a system that works pretty well.  We argue about stuff.  We unintentionally hurt each others’ feelings.  We neglect each others’ needs sometimes.  These things happen.  We talk about it.  We move on.  It’s a good system, I think.

I was a tad impulsive and I bought our Christmas tree today; it’s a 4-foot tall, pre-lit artificial tree.  It was a first for me.  “Our tree” for our first Christmas together.  I take holidays pretty seriously, I guess (because everything between Halloween and New Years day makes up my absolute favorite time of year). I’ve overcome with anxiety and excitement all at once.  That anxiety is coming from a place of not knowing what to get him for Christmas, especially on limited funds.  We’ve talked about it.  He gave me the “I’ll be happy with whatever” stump speech that most men give.  Still anxious.

Tomorrow we head west to spend the weekend with my boyfriend’s mother and her boyfriend.  We’ll have an early Thanksgiving there.  I’m kind of excited.

Ah, life is just happening. I get bogged down by the negative, sure.  But there is so much good stuff happening every day.  I guess I should open my eyes to it a little more.


Author: Leila

Just another case of arrested development.

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